Jungle the Bungle uses cookies and similar techniques on its websites to provide you with a personalized browsing experience, hereafter we simply refer to these techniques as 'cookies.' Cookies help us analyse your internet behavior and usage of our site and app. We use this information to improve our services, personalize your experience, and - if you agree - to enable targeted advertising and sharing of content via social media.

We make use of the following cookies:

  • Functional cookies – these cookies are necessary for the functioning of the website
  • Analysis – these cookies are used by us for analytical purposes to improve the functioning of our website
  • Affiliate – These cookies measure the effectiveness of advertisements
  • Social Media – These cookies enable social media integrations, such as like buttons, on our websites
  • Personalization and Marketing – These cookies are meant to align information and advertisements from us and other parties as with your interests

We store your preference settings in a cookie. If you delete your cookies from your browser, your choice cannot be recognized, and we will ask for consent to use cookies again.

Functional cookies (cmplz_)

Jungle the Bungle uses functional cookies on it’s website. 

These cookies ensure that the website functions properly and are necessary to provide the requested services and functionalities. Functional cookies also ensure that you don't have to log in again on every page, they are used to remember the membership you have, detect fraude (by registering failed login attempts), and help us remember who you are – (for example, to award points to your child's profile after playing a quiz). 

Your consent is not required for the use of these functional cookies. You cannot disable functional cookies as it would affect the proper functioning of the website and app.

Analytical cookies

Jungle the Bungle uses analytical cookies on it’s website. With analytical cookies, we generate statistics about the use of thewWebsite. Your use of our site is recorded in our systems under a unique (but anonymous) ID, allowing us to recognize you as a new or returning visitor. These cookies help us analyse the effectiveness of the website and displayed advertisements without looking at individual browsing behaviour.

With this information, we strive to continuously improve the website a little bit more.

These cookies are on by default. You can disable these cookies via your cookie settings.

Google Analytics (_ga)

For collecting website statistics about the use and visits to the websites, we use Google Analytics cookies. This cookie records your use of our site and app. Google analyses this data, and the results are provided to Jungle the Bungle. This insight allows Jungle the Bungle to understand how the site and app are used and to adjust or improve its services based on that data. Jungle the Bungle has a data processing agreement with Google. Additionally, Jungle the Bungle masks the last octet of your IP address sent to Google and has disabled the 'data sharing' option within the Google Analytics environment. Finally, Jungle the Bungle does not use other Google services in conjunction with Google Analytics cookies unless you have given consent. More information can be found under 'tracking cookies.'

Depending on the type of analytical cookie, it remains active during the session up to two years afterward.

Affiliate cookies

Our site also makes use of affiliate cookies, which measure the effectiveness of an advertisement. They track which advertisement leads to a purchase so that the party that displayed this advertisement (the affiliate) can receive payment. The cookie does not collect information about the visitor. Since these cookies are aggregated and have no privacy impact, you cannot refuse them.

Social media cookies

You can share our products, events, and videos via social media by using the social media buttons on our website . These buttons rely on cookies that recognise you when you want to share an article or video. These cookies allow logged-in users of selected social media to directly share specific content from our website. 

For the cookies that social media providers place and the data they collect, please read the privacy and cookie statements these parties provide on their own websites. It is recommended to regularly consult the privacy and cookie statements of such third parties.


Personalisation and marketing cookies

Jungle the Bungle uses personalisation and marketing cookies for the website. By following your use of our website we can show you personalised content and offers.

Tracking and marketing cookies are enabled when you give consent via our cookie banner. You can disable these cookies through the settings.

Google Analytics User ID

We want to determine whether individual users visit our website and return, whether or not on a different device. This provides valuable insights into how visitors use our website and allows us to provide them with a similar user experience on different devices.

The information we can collect includes a unique user ID, a unique number of your devices, information about the different devices you use with the same user ID (type, browser, operating system), and information about your session (date, time, duration) and the pages you have visited on the website.

The cookies we place via Google Analytics User ID qualify as tracking cookies. Therefore, we request your consent before placing such cookies. If you do not give consent or withdraw your consent via the cookie settings, we will no longer place a User ID cookie. We will then only use privacy-friendly configured Google Analytics cookies.

Marketing cookies

On other websites and on social media, you may see advertisements or offers from Jungle the Bungle. Sometimes, these advertisements are the same for everyone, and sometimes they are personalized, specifically for you or a certain user. If the advertisements are personalized, this is done by using tracking cookies. With these tracking cookies, we can follow your behaviour on our website. By tracking your behaviour, we predict which advertisements may be of interest to you. Additionally, we can ensure that you do not repeatedly see the same advertisement. By placing tracking cookies, we can map your online surfing, searching, and purchasing behaviour. We combine these characteristics to make offers and show advertisements tailored to your interests. We also enable third parties to show you advertisements based on your characteristics and interests. For example, we can show offers about math based on your visit to a math page on our website.

Tracking cookies impact your privacy, so we always ask for your consent before placing tracking cookies. 

These cookies remain active for an average period of 1 year. 

Changing or deleting cookies

You can change your cookie preferences at any time. You can do so via this link [hyperlink to adjust cookie preferences] or in your own browser. If you do not want websites to place cookies on your Equipment at all, you can adjust your browser settings. Consult your browser's help function to find out how to delete cookies. In addition, you can reject most cookies placed when using Jungle the Bungle both individually and collectively via www.youronlinechoices.com/nl. Here you can also see which of the listed cookies are active on your browsers and it explains for each browser how to delete cookies already placed on your browser.

Please note that without setting cookies, we cannot provide optimal functionality on our Website.

Privacy Statement

With the information collected or otherwise read by means of a cookie, personal data are in some cases processed. If this is the case, the processing of this personal data is also subject to the Privacy Statement of Jungle the Bungle that The Cookie Statement can be accessed.


If you have any questions about this Cookie Statement, please send an e-mail to info@junglethebungle.com. For general information and/or complaints about cookies, please contact the Personal Data Authority (AP).


This Cookie Statement may be amended at any time. You can always find the most up-to-date Cookie Statement on our Website. Consult this Cookie Statement regularly, so that you are aware of any changes. The latest date of amendment is always indicated in the Cookie Statement. 

This Cookie Statement was last amended on 31 January 2024.