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About me

Hi, I am Carolina and the creator of Jungle the Bungle. Because of my Spanish mother and Dutch father, I was raised bilingual. This allowed me to experience myself how special it is to speak a second language. The idea to start Jungle the Bungle came when I realized how young children learn languages effortlessly. As a mother of young twins at the time, I saw that there were not so many fun and easy ways to teach young children a new language. So the idea of developing something myself was born. There are now many studies showing that young children learn a new language incredibly easily. Until the age of 10, the part in your brain with which you learn languages is super active, after that it declines somewhat. After age 15, it is just as difficult to learn a new language as it is for an adult. I'm super proud that so many parents and children are made happy by Jungle the Bungle and that we can contribute to the positive development of young children.