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It is important to us that parents and children are happy with the products we make. Below are reviews of both the books and Jungle the Bungle's interactive language app. The app is not yet on the market, but behind the scenes we are already testing it with children aged 2-8.

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Hans, father of Lucas (aged 4)


Our son is very happy with it!

We recently got this book. Our son is very happy with it! He likes to grab it himself to look through it and read it. He really likes the animals and is already trying to imitate the English. A nice, colourful book and educational as it teaches him counting, colours and animals.

Bart, father Bram (aged 5)


Cool way to learn a new language

Bram is very excited about the game where the elephant has to fish things out of the water with his trunk. He also really likes the cheerings, such as the lion's thumbs up and the elephant making a wheely on his motorbike. This app is a really cool way to learn a new language.

Larissa, teacher


Kids learn about gravity!

This little book is super fun to give as a gift or to buy yourself for your child(ren). It is not just a book, because you can learn several languages straight away. Especially with children, this happens very quickly. There is also a learning element in it, children learn about gravity!

Femke, mother Saar and Lotte (aged 6 and 8)



I first doubted whether this book would be suitable for my girls, but it was completely spot on. They found it a very funny story. All the bits were read aloud in Dutch, English and Spanish. Not once, but around 10 times. This is clearly the age that children learn a language effortlessly. Also the drawings are very nice and I like the cartboard pages, so nice and firm.

Karin, mother of Sofie (aged 3)


Sofie wants to play daily

Sofie asks to play the test version of the app almost every day. Her favourite game is: making smoothies with Lowy the lion. She also saw it immediately when the Zazy world was no longer locked. She also really likes that game. She finds the little frog, that jumps into the water when you click on it, very entertaining.

Wim, father Sam and Leon (aged 4 and 6)


My children absolutely love it

It is smoothly written, added with beautiful illustrations. The nice thing is that it is written both in English and Dutch.
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