Welcome to Jungle the Bungle

Meet all the characters

Welcome to the world of Jungle the Bungle. In our world, fun comes first. Together with all our friends, we discover the world. Meet all the happy animals, each with their own special character. Everyone is unique and so are you!  


This little cockatoo lives up to her name. In fact, she sometimes drops a poo from the sky when she is scared. Kakkie loves dancing and music a lot. Only when things don't go her way, she can get a little bit hysterical. Even though she makes the others sometimes a bit nervous, they all love her because she never means any harm.


Here we have Monito, the naughtiest of the bunch. He is full of energy which is also contagious to the others. Monito can do loads of cool tricks and he always loves to go on adventures. This sometimes gets him into trouble, especially when Zazy and Kakkie are joining him. Luckily, his friends are always there for him.


Lowy is a vegetarian lion. It makes sense, because otherwise he would eat his friends. Lowy likes to stay in shape so that is why he pays so much attention to what he eats and that he gets enough exercise. Lowy also likes to be on the water and is a real beachboy. After all the activities, he would rather be lazy than tired and likes nothing better than chilling out.


Zazy the zebra is the happiest and most creative of them all. Zazy is always up for something fun and loves to dress up with anything in the jungle. His outfits sometimes look a bit laughable, but Zazy doesn't care. After all, he thinks it is important to be himself, regardless of what others think.


Fanti is the biggest of them all, but also with the biggest heart. This elephant loves reading a lot and surprises his friends with all the knowledge. As a result, they can all learn from the wisdom. Fanti prefers to dream away by the river in the jungle. But however quiet and gentle this giant is, Fanti also loves to go on adventures!


Shilly the turtle is the oldest of them all, but no one knows exactly how old. Shilly himself has also forgotten. However, he does claim to have lived for thousands of years. That is why Shilly knows so much about history and loves to share it. Sometimes his stories take hours because he is so slow, but as a tortoise he has to be.


Amigo the sloth can usually be found high up in the trees. Here he can find his peace and balance. This also has a calming effect on the others. When his friends have disagreements they know where to find Amigo for advice. Even on the ground, Amigo is good at meditating and feeling at one with nature. This sloth has never heard of stress!