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Language expert Katia

'Your baby can already hear in the womb from about 20 weeks, so you can start stimulating your baby’s language development early.'

Childcare Benny - interview

Myrna - Director EarlyBird

Delve deeper into the world of multilingual education with our exclusive interview with Myrna, director of EarlyBird, who shares her valuable insights and experiences on bilingual education.

We were at the Nine Months Fair

From 14 February to 17 February, we were in front of the Nine Months Fair together with Monito. It was a great success. We read aloud, and sang and danced

Jungle the Bungle colouring competition

Colour along and win a one-year subscription to the Jungle the Bungle languages app (worth 49.90) Mail your entry to Whoever has the most beautiful colouring page

Blog Mamaplaats on multilingualism

One of those childhood memories that you can recall as if it were yesterday. We were on holiday and I was sitting, along with my little

Junglethebungle in the media

New languages, you can't start early enough! Sooner or later, everyone encounters foreign languages. For adults, it's only a

Bilingual parenting ? Tips and tricks

Benefits of bilingual upbringing Children raised bilingually from birth can learn both languages up to the mother tongue level. In addition, it appears that children who are bilingual

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